Twit for a hut…

Winter’s Tale

Winter's warm

You know, sometimes all you need to do is to linger to that one thought. One morning you wake up; see that it’s going to snow and all that you wishes suddenly seem to be possible. More of Midas’ touch, once eluding life seems ravishing and all that thoughts that gave you pain suddenly disappears. Today was one such day… waked up by a very unusual text by a very unusual person and the odds of happening it were much lesser than NASA’s successful mission. How come one single text can have such effect? Well, considering the fact that no one remembers a single soul sometimes leaves it contemplating its own existence. On the contrary the shimmering sight of another soul waving hand towards you irrespective of how far you are makes one introspect its own life if not many then at least once more.

In a life when people try to define your destiny, to be a part of something that isn’t yours amazes me. I too haven’t be able to figure out my own “mojo” but I certainly knows that there is some and I may spend more time futilely to find it but I know whatever that will be left for me after it would be mine and of no one else’s. I know that you all find me stupid and that I’m pretty sure I’m. But no matter what anyone says to me that I’m demeaning my life, or my life has no purpose I just pose one question for them, “What purpose life has set for you?”

Bit philosophical you may find it but for me, I found it to be more of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). We all are programmed to do the exact same thing over and over and all the progress, all the growth and development we all are fighting for is just ruin. We are sitting on top of the corpses and eat the dead and once we die we are fed to our off springs. More like a sci-fi movie, that is what we do. And we keep on doing it. In fact we are so bound by the rules of the game built by us that whoever braves to point towards the ubiquitous truth is asked to uphold the almighty.

It wouldn’t be fair to sum up my views without pointing out the concept of God. I don’t condemn those who believe in it but speculate a world without it. Wouldn’t it be almost similar to what we are having in front of us right now? We are standing at a point when science holds the potential to unravel the most mysterious theories and yet it’s like a school kid whose voice gets lost in the ocean of noise.

I may be cynical about most of the things around me but in the end when my own mind ceases to find any reason for its existence, it looks out for others. Sometimes, the reason is found in the most insignificant pieces of thoughts. Sometimes in overt places as well; sometimes in your significant other, sometimes in yourself…


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