Twit for a hut…

Ignorance is bliss

“What do you want to do in your life, Daniel? You should ask this question to yourself… (and lots of other words sounding similar to blah, blah and blah)”

It is my professor that continuously keep on asking this to me and now wants me to continue the routine all by myself! I barely walk towards my research objective and such hypothetical question only leaves me blank. The only relief was knowing that he wasn’t expecting any answer from me.

But certainly, “What do I want?” is more of a question that should be left for the people who aren’t good at objectively answering questions. How the hell one can know the answer to such question. I wanted to be an astronaut and being from Ohio it puts me at a better place for any selection. But as the fear of height, getting blown away by 20 thousand tons of liquefied fuel and the paranoia of vacuum got hold of me, I abandoned the dream. So what do I want now? Well, I want to stay on earth and let myself indulge in the miseries and daily life of a common man. I certainly don’t know for how long that thought is going to be there in my mind but it is transient for sure.

We should all rather ask ourselves, “Why?” I find it to be more informative than any other question. You can ask this question for everything, for example, “Why do you want to wake up early?” or “Why do you want to complete your homework?” or something like this. Well, I don’t know why you wouldn’t like to complete your homework but I know why I won’t. I hate homework and anyways if there is anything that I need to know, isn’t Google there for it. I mean after Internet, Google should be awarded as the greatest inventions. Why I should know anything anyways?

Then there comes the seasoned campaigners, broadly divided into religious and philosophical categories. If you want to see how dumb a philosophical answer would be like, send a comment and I’ll reply as a proof to it. For religious preachers it’s everything about God. Count the number of Gods in every civilization and you might end up with the population of Vatican City. Isn’t it just another way to telling the world that we don’t know the answer so let us create a hypothetical idea and we shall call it God!

I don’t know what is the truth but sometimes it seems that it’s better to remain ignorant for the vile thoughts will remain hidden. Or what the old man says, ignorance is bliss.


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