Twit for a hut…


It’s hard being me. I don’t mean the awesomeness, but the contrary the neglect I find. For example, today is my birthday and the ones that gives any attention about it are the people in my family. For everyone else either I’m the geek or the crazy chatterbox that somehow finds a way to spill his stupidity before everyone. It’s not that I’m dumb but I somehow find a way to make the other person feel inferior. And who would like to be undermined unless an inferiority complex preexisted.

This makes my status to “complicated” with everything around me and that includes this laptop. Trust me, this naive instrument has seen better days before being shipped to his owner (and that would be I). To make it simple for me I see everyone as couple, for example my professor and his PhD student or that two MS guys who never leave sight of each other. I’m not implying anything but being the eyesore of everyone in my laboratory leaves me with the only weapon in my arsenal, shrewdness.

Believe me and I want you to believe me when I say that I’m very straight forward guy. But try drawing a line parallel to an axis and it will definitely cut the other. My case lies like that. After the eye-opening ceremony conducted by my professor last week, I was forced to introspect my life decisions. And when the contemplation ended, the aura around my smile was that of shrewdness. I understood unless you manipulate someone there are good chances that you might not get what you want no matter who that person is. That doesn’t make me a bad person unless the end result is for good. And who is there to judge anyway?


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