Twit for a hut…

It’s due

Life is full of surprises. One day you get a complement out of nowhere and you start thinking why anyone would complement someone who is nothing but a loser. In this race of life who is the winner anyway. We are unnaturally competing for the resources that I would like to consider were out of bound for us. Yet the affection and thoughts that show the compassion are the more than plenty to compensate for the guilt.

I never thanked anyone for anything. It’s not as if I can’t, I don’t know how to thank someone. Phrases like “thank you” or “you’re welcome” doesn’t make much sense for me. As if in the absence of their comment I would stop dressing up or stop being polite. Just that with my world whirling around me, the only entity I found worth spending time on was me… just to be proved wrong again.

It all started with my friend betting on the occasion which I frankly don’t remember at all and a girl whose memory was highly speculated. The dismal scene of vacation quickly lost its essence as soon as it began. Trying to take it light, I decided to change my workplace to a lounge that opens a view of scenic beauty and awe. I was there, crying in pain for the work off loaded by my professor. And I got a call reminding that the day isn’t over and so was the bet. My seclusion was breached and it started pouring. Wishes and complements, for losing another year to the time. But the horror of my evident decreasing life span wasn’t amounting to anything when I learnt that “the” girl remembered the day. It was nothing less than a sort of miracle for me who is not great at making friends. For the first time in years I wasn’t invisible for others, I was very much present and alive. I still remember the moment as I’ll keep recalling it as a slap to the inhibitions introduced by the world to me, and to some extent to my professor (I just hope he doesn’t read this, again if I just don’t blabber about this page in front of him). If I start putting the responses of people who talked to me today then it would be just the family movie storyline, with a rebellious kid and nurturing mom, skeptical father and annoying, lunatic, amazing friends.

I guess I was wrong and so it’s due, my gratitude for every living soul that exists and no matter what happens those who know me will be the bolster for those who need them, just the way I try to be for them. Though I’m spending my evening in solitude without any soul around, yet there is a smile on my face. May be my life wouldn’t amount to anything, but at least it wouldn’t be in vain; no matter what my professor says!


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