Twit for a hut…

The big fall

It’s the vacation time and every individual whom I know is out there enjoying him/herself. These are the elite people in the evolutionary ladder with enough skills to make sure that they don’t spend any single second of their lives in dismal state. On the same ladder there if you keep going down (miles and miles) and just a step before the last one, you may find me.

I’ll be there furiously working on the insignificant ideas and experiments only to fail again and again. Don’t worry, I won’t be alone. There will be my professor, my colleagues and the whole academia who work completely out of their mind sacrificing their every living moment for the cause. But that’s not it, there are also so-called researchers that are expected to research, have a profile pic posing a ‘V’ and wearing a lab coat on Facebook but are seldom found in lab. I don’t feel any apathy towards them but certainly I find myself to be envious to the pleasures of life that they are enjoying. Then there comes the sect of people who boasts their actions by labeling the innocent enthusiast as ‘nerds’.

For me I don’t consider myself as nerd but definitely have some qualities of it. For example this text is being shaped after 48 hours of straight work in laboratory which has now reduced my experimental time by half. That’s a big jump for my hypothesis of my thesis. The person guilty for my ordeal is none other than my professor. I’m here because I like accepting new challenges and hope to make sure that I don’t get bored while I’m still alive but often I find in a situation where lab meeting is being held and I’m the lone unfunded graduate. Why others would put themselves through such a hard labor even without any interest of their own and only for money is beyond my comprehension. But one thing is certain, with the beginning of new semester in two weeks, all those flying high on vacation will be dragged down to my level. Everything will be even and the there will be peace in my heart for the fall I averted. That will be my moment when I’ll finally get to put on that evil smile on my face and make others feel worse than what professor would be doing to them…


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