Twit for a hut…

It’s the Christmas and when everyone else is having fun with their close ones, I’m here writing about the sad reality which is also termed as my life. Every spectator says that I’m pretty lucky to have everything as per my wish. May be what they want, I might be having it but what they have is so precious that I would go on a battle with Sauron for it. So this one happened like this…

It was 3 am and my phone buzzed. The message was not for me but for two of my friends to attend an event. Ignorant of the occasion, I humbly asked “What am I missing?” and the reply was stunning. Another friend of mine is getting married and I wasn’t aware of it. Chuck that, the big picture is that she is marrying. For an individual it would had been a pleasant surprise but not for me. I was filled with sadness, not because she is marrying but because I will miss another occasion to socialize.

I know, I’m a true hypocrite. I boast that I want to be alone and yet I drool on hearing any such news. Not getting invited isn’t a big deal as many don’t consider my existence and I’m pretty content with that. The disheartening part is that I’ll miss another social event. To begin with I’m over 24 years old and I yet have to attend my first social event. Termed as ‘Anthropophobia’ the geeks found an easy way out but for someone who still has to wear a label of it, it’s nothing less than a disappointment.

There is another probable reason for my disappointment, jealousy. It is not deniable that I’m a sadist and don’t want other to be happy when I’m not. Or maybe I’m too possessive or I just miss my friends. Whatever be the reason there is one simple conclusion, we all are so indulged in pursuit of our own happiness that we forget to see the pain of others. I’ve neglected the annoyance everyone is facing because of my constant pestering. There is that guy who keeps on trying to make myself open to the world. There is another friend who teachers me to live vibrantly. There are my lunatics that make me crazy. There are numerous souls that are out there to take care of me and yet if I fall, it wouldn’t be their mistake.

I missed an opportunity then what, I’ll make sure that I attend the marriage of remaining single friends. If they aren’t obliging then I’ve to work overtime as cupid and if everything fails, there is a last hope of marriage in my future, then at least I’ll be attending one event.


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