Twit for a hut…

Ladder of Life

“Sometimes you have to do the best with whatever you are left with…”

Oh no, definitely no. No one famous enough said that. It was me, the poor little creature. So I received a call and yup, you are right, it was my professor. It’s amusing to recollect that I get more calls from my professors, undergrads and professionals than my own friends and colleagues. Why it happens to me? Probably I being rude to most of the fellows, they opt for easy way out. They abandon everything and jump from the sinking project they might need my help to rectify.

I know, I boast a lot about my skills but for whatever they are worth of, at least one percent of it is definitely true. And those who call me generally hinge on that one percent if not completely.

So… where’s the funny part? Wait for it. After a long discourse of what I’ve been doing all this while since the last update about a week ago, my professor was definitely astonished to know that I haven’t done anything useful for some time. To motivate me he says, ‘… You have to work because you have to climb the ladder of life.’

Well, that was something. I never contradicted him nor mentioned anything that would sadden him at the moment for he doesn’t deserve to bear my anguish. The good thing about a phone conversation is that you can make a very different impression and yet the listener wouldn’t concern himself with anything other than your words.

The smirk on my face with the statement was a clear indication of my disapproval of his comment and the yet thank goodness, he wasn’t there to see it. His words were one question away from being discredited, but I somehow withheld my thoughts before they came out.

The simple question would have been ‘Why?’ Climbing the ladder in life might be your goal but that’s not mine as I certainly would have given a thought otherwise. Yet what makes him think that every person in this world wants to compete on the same roots and yet be happy with it is beyond my understanding. I just know that life means nothing to someone who doesn’t acknowledges it and worst would be not to find any difference between an individual and anything around it. Nirvana, as many call it isn’t difficult for anyone. Just for a moment one has to notice the things that actually matter in one’s life.

For every individual is different and maybe there is someone who does anything, not because people want but because he wants to do it…


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