Twit for a hut…

Adding a new chapter in the glorified account of totally useless discussions taking place between me and professor, today’s incident just breaks all the benchmarks. So… it started with a simple accidental rendezvous. My intentions were to have a simple discussion about the lecture notes and it pretty much ended with him suggesting medical help. Without making you all wait any more, here is the story….

I knock the door and enters the room with his majesty’s permission.

‘So Daniel, tell me how are the things?’
‘Sir, In research I’ll be commencing experiments this week and the procedure is simple. I’ll be taking two para…’

‘I meant how do you feel about working in Lab?’
‘It’s great.’
‘The reason why I’m asking this question is I want to be as open as possible with you and expect the same in return.’
‘Ok… and?’
‘And I think you are not open and have certain hidden agenda. That’s not good for the lab!’

‘Sir, I’m very open and honest. If I commit a mistake and you ask me anything about it, I’ll definitely admit to that.’
‘Well, I know. But your attitude with others is not very commending as well!’
‘Sir, to be honest, I couldn’t care less for others. Ask me to do anything, I’ll do that and will contribute to the cause but why is it necessary for me to hang out with people?’

‘You know Daniel, Humans are social animal. There must be something wrong with you if you want to be alone.’
‘But sir… I’m not alone. I’ve friends and I’m pretty content with my life.’
‘I cannot imagine how much they used to tolerate you…’
‘You mean that I’m eccentric for minding my own business?’
‘Well, I wouldn’t put that way. It’s just that your eccentric behavior is driving people away.’

‘What do you recommend me to do then?’
‘There is nothing wrong in taking professional help.’

As I saw him speaking the final words, I wondered why… why do anyone care so much about being social. Why can’t people just leave people alone. It’s not as if I’m running around burning anything that I might lay my eyes on!

In this world where people are so entangled with the paradigm of “Sociableness” they forget the basic human values of being honest, trustworthy and dedication. And being all three doesn’t mean that one is not happy with his life. It’s just that some sleep a lot better without any thoughts in their mind.


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