Twit for a hut…

The world as we know off…

“You know there is a tree which is said to grant every wish a human asked with the true heart. The fable traveled through many centuries and myriad ears, every time to be looked down as a fiction to amazing to be true. As it is, the fable remained unattended and at the verge of getting completely lost.

As the gruesome the world was for the fable, it carried the legend of wishing tree with it, hoping to be rejuvenated by a believer.
One fine day a curious kid heard the fable when the sparse creatures were soon to be forgotten in history. The surged imagination of a wishing tree was just a start. As the kid’s imagination took flight and he started on the adventure. An adventure to locate the chest, the treasure, the tree.
He searched the room to find nothing. He searched his home to find no plant, leave alone the tree. He took a step and looked outside to find pale, dull yellow world. The hope seemed to fickle but yet he had the faith. He asked his mother, “Where can I find the wishing tree?” with gleaming eyes of possibility fixed at her.
“Oh dear…” she said as she turned around with guilty eyes. A drop of tear rolled from her eye in apathy towards humanity. It was too much to bear for the kid. With drenched eyes he ran to the door hoping his mother to be wrong when he will open it.
He lost everything as he open the door to a nightmare. There was barren horizon, ruptured by Sun’s wrath. Carcasses laying all around submerged in quivering mirage, His world was contained in a glass sphere fencing the faith and nature’s retort. Appalled the kid took a step, holding a hand against the glass he saw the world burning to hell.
For such a novice as him, to believe in a fable to exist, was a fool by fathom leaps not let down by his innocence but by the world once existed.”

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