Twit for a hut…

The loved one

There are two different kind of people, the one who understand you and the rest. People spend their lives living for the one and the pleasure that we get out of it is generally insourmounable. People see me and understand me from what I exhibit, hate me for what they are looking at. What they don’t see is that there is another me that is just like them, fun loving, always ecstatic lively person. But does he mean anything at all?

I’ve questioned this many times and every time I arrived at there is no reason to survive… until I met someone. A very unlikely friend for we were from two different worlds, with two different connections. In a desperate need of approval I looked up to him and he didn’t let me down.

‘You rock, you know!’ and these were the exact words I was looking for. Sometimes a very special friend is needed, a close to heart.


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