Twit for a hut…

Well, other than frequent visits to hospital, nothing much. So, what happened? Well, bipolar happened.

Since I’ve been told about my manic-depressive illness, the news did not bring much attention towards itself as compared to the medication. Things could had been easy with just medication, but sometimes it is not enough.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this article is coming up when I’m about to depart from US. I realize that even with medications mood swing in bipolar type 1 disorder is high, very high… enough to drag someone from a properly functioning system to asylum.

My second visit was based on similar grounds, my depression phase did not initiate suicidal ideation but brought back the aggressive and discontentment towards every living soul. And so I was restrained from my therapist’s office to psychiatric ward.

It’s difficult to say if I want to be in such scenario or it’s just something completely out of my hand. But things become different when people support with their full faith. It was a scenario at the university and at home with my family being cooperative like never before. Though except my therapist none knows the true extent of thoughts, I realized one every important fact.

No matter where you go, what you become, the peace and tranquility in life can only be at home.

So that’s that. I’m on my way back home and I’ll be completing my remaining course with distant learning courses. I’m hoping that there won’t be any more hospitalizations, any more fall backs or tormenting moments ready to rip apart my life.


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