Twit for a hut…


The evening sky studded with crimson glory stand in front of me. Sadness will shadow my heart for the moments after but not now. The melody of chirping birds is overwhelmed by second’s realization of the beauty. Such a wondrous sight is a blessing and under the inspired is me.

The light heartedness of setting sun boarded by the fear of never witnessing the awe again drenched my soul with irk. The mortal container will be discarded and my soul would be lost in the maze of nature but the sway of colors, the chant of sound and the aroma of spring will still be there, secluded from me, taken away from me.

The passing seconds impales heart for the sorrow and more often with the fear of it. The beauty of nature is mirrored and flaunted by mind. “Beauty is in the eye of beholder” and it expresses itself in myriad forms.

A painter is there, splashing the colors on canvas. His strokes are perfect and hands in hush for time stand for no one, not even for her greatest admirer. The haste of his work is just and efforts to capture the view with all its grandeur. His sight is marvelous but his canvas isn’t. I see the broken moral as evading stars begin to take up the sky. His work remains incomplete and broken hearted he bids adieu to his love but there is content in his smile. He knows that today was beautiful and tomorrow is going to be even better.

Colors gets replaced by the twilight of night and away at the other horizon a dark regime expands. The glitter of it beats the dusk’s show and twinkling stars dances on unheard song. The pitch is perfect and vocals are smooth. The transition is flawless and as the eye gazed the moment, sky was taken by a new peace, a beauty in black with serendipitous fortunes all around. The notes flow in the sky in sync with the steps of stars showcasing voids ready to be filled with life.

The words are like the strokes of painter, the music of composer or the scent of wine that is bounded by mirrored us. The wonders lie ahead of us, ravishing for every lover or they lie in us ready to be brought out in art… in life.


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