Twit for a hut…

New Horizon

Dimmed and dull, filled with nostalgic air, I was staring into nothingness dumbstruck like an idiot with no clue of past, present, ugh, leave aside my future.

‘Are you coming with us or not?’

‘Uh? What? Coming… Wait for me!’ And just like that I was surrendered to present by my imagination. I remember I was trekking and still mesmerized by the dense and mysterious forest disappearing in oblivion. Perturbed and tranquil at the same time and astonished to be in the present, I screamed within, waiting to rip myself apart.

‘This way,’ I heard. There was a trail of footsteps having an impression in front of me.
‘I can follow them,’ said my mind as a best friend one could ever be. ‘Else, you can follow your own,’ said my heart with a devilish smile. I couldn’t understand the dilemma popping out from nothing and finding a place in my soul.

Torn into many pieces, I was at the edge of laying down there to sit and wonder the reasons that brought me to this state. Yet I overcame and pulled a leg to step into the footsteps lying in front of me. There was something wrong and so came out my map. A map in this dense forest, full of directionless ubiquity was as useless as mirage in desert. Still there was a contentment residing and needed to be addressed. I gave a good look to the details in the map and there was something interesting that I noticed. I was at the edge of an abyss that marked the edge of our trail.

‘Be safe, follow your team, have fun with them!’ My mind cautioned with an impression diminishing with every second my team continued the trail.

‘Explore the depths, swim into them,’ urged my heart.

I have had been cautious enough not to ignore every small detail that my mind poured out for my entire life. It’s time to listen to my heart once. With tiny steps I started towards what seemed to be a small risk. With every step, I was fueled to step my next foot forward. In the wrestle of power, mind was meek and defenseless.

Not long after that I was at where no one is supposed to be. It wasn’t dark anymore or the enigmatic surroundings existed. I was looking at the horizon with my world under and Sun ending his journey for the day with an exuberant display of colors in the languish setting.

‘You win,’ admitted my mind at the sight of this wonder. My heart was filled with joy, not of victory but the virtue of the scene. Air was gentle and caressed my soul, tendered the drop of tear as it appeared from my eye. Astonished, I sat there lost in the sight. May be it’s better to get lost once in a while, maybe its okay to move away from the trail. Worst fear comes alive in the most jubilant times and most good things are found in the darkest of the places. Maybe it’s okay to take a step more and fall into trench to fly, maybe it’s okay to go insane in a while…


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