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The great Indian college melodrama: “Campus Recruitment Drive”

The season of this reality show airs at every institute from July of every year. The producer generally appoints few directors (TPO coordinators) that get various kinds of discounts for almost every place that require their attention. Each episode directed by the directors, they are the VIP personalities.

The exact dates of each episode is aired generally at ‘D Day – 5’ days before the massacre is about to take place. Whispers begin to grow and words begin to spread like a contagious disease. Books see the light for first time in months after the debacle of pre-final year exams. Nerds charge up for this rare and exquisite opportunity to display their superiority over the general class of “hard” working NITians. First messages from TPO coordinators explain timings of Pre-Placement Talks. One might wonder is it the idea of company officials or the college administration to torture the humble school before they can go fishing?

Night before PPT: All pending preparations that were kept for the auspicious last night out are done. Alarms are switched on for the morning ritual and pieces of advices flows from our “seasoned campaigners”. This night if tape recorded can explain our professors that we aren’t lethargic sloth that they consider us to be. Desperate times ask for desperate measures and none fails to give anything less than 101%. PPT is nothing but the pilot that sometimes gives the glimpse of technical know-how of which we rarely had any idea or even more frequently mislead to the nonexistent paradise of Company’s handful incentives. Never go for the “CTC” as that’s the synonym for “You fool you thought you can ever earn this much?”

PPT followed by some written is inaugurated with the stampede to examination hall. First timers filled with charge throw up on the answer sheets all knowledge that was grasped with all the Herculean efforts that they placed in the last minute. Seasoned campaigners knowing that all this is just the sorting before actual spurning will commence, are tranquil and even help the first timers to get over the shocks that evil corporation had planned for them. Handful of so called “Qualified” misunderstood candidates is asked to report for the most hilarious rat race one that the officials had been longing for.

Few arbitrators assemble themselves to provide some concurrent gobbledygook issue or topic to begin the discussion on. You can argue, you can discuss or you can jibber jabber and all this while you can witness that none of your brilliantly thought points are able to stop the killer smiles on moderators. Some exceptionally good performers in this are asked to appear for personal “mortification” round. To ameliorate cruelty of this practical joke, all unexpected candidates are asked to report.

The true bonds of friendship that were nurtured over these three years are tested when you being to ask for shoes, shirt, trousers, pen, folder, certificates (to fill the folder and nothing else) and everything that the God forsaken people could ask for. Technical interviews are more sort of duel for some vendetta that we weren’t aware of. Four or Five technically sound professionals would amuse themselves by asking few practical questions that only a devoted student could have known (are you kidding me?). The nature of question may vary from time spent on interviewing other candidates, food supplied to them by the producer. If today your astrologer predicted any upset, this is it. You are the most incomprehensible person that they met on this planet. Firing of question continues until they find that they have provided enough questions to ponder upon until the next enterprise arrives. If you are good enough to convince them that your breed is same as theirs you are placed for the final screening in form of HR interviews.

Don’t try to comprehend HR questions. No one was ever able to understand and will never be able to predict the answer that they expect from you. This is the only place where your achievements are good enough for you to show door out (GRE and CAT stuff can be most injurious for you career here). If you have performed well, you may be just the one in the bunch that has the same feeling developing inside. Don’t be confident and find your place out in waiting room.

Results of “Roadies” is announced and there is no need to be either happy. If a first timer gets selected, he missed all the experience that he could had as seasoned campaigner. If the latter then your remorseful streak is officially over. The spasmodic “Demi God” feeling finds its host and continues to reside there until you reach again to the company as apprentice.


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